May 06, 2011

Making an Octonauts Cake

I made an Octonauts cake for Sam's birthday....

See my Squidoo Page HERE for how to make it!

February 18, 2011

Interviewing Sam

I posted an interview with Caitlin here a few weeks ago.

Here is the same interview with Sam, aged 5years and 9months

1.    1.  What is your favourite T. V. Show? Octonauts

2. What did you have for breakfast? Tiger bread with margarine and jam toast

3. What is your middle name? Oliver

4. Favourite food? After eights

5. What food do you dislike? Weetabix

6. What is your favourite colour? Bronze

7. Favourite lunch? Jam sandwiches, cheese twists, carrots and pineapple juice

8. What is your favourite thing to do?
Play with my big race track that I got for Christmas
9. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Granny and grandad’s

10. Favourite sport? Star jumps

11. When is your birthday? April 28th

12. Are you a morning person or a night person? The morning and afternoons

13. Pets: we don’t have a pet

14. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with us? No

15. What do you want to be when you grow up ? A footballer (this is rather bizarre as he really isn't a football-y boy!)

16. What is your favourite candy? The ones we get from ‘Paul’s fish and chips’ (when we go there the kind shop owner gives out boiled sweets to children)

17. Where is the farthest you've ever been from home? Auntie Judy’s (Belgium)

18. What is your favourite book? Magic faraway tree

19. What are you most proud of? Skipping ... Uh.. I can’t remember how to do it ... Can you tell me..

20. What is your favourite movie? Go Diego go

21. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken

22. What is your favourite word? exciting
23. What is your least favourite word? ‘oi’
24. What turns you on? (I rephrased with, "What do you like?") Go Diego Go DVD
25. What turns you off? (I rephrased with, What don't you like?") I don’t like Charlie and Lola
26. What sound or noise do you love?  Oooo ooooo
27. What sound or noise do you hate? People saying, "Everybody is stupid."
28. What is your favourite curse word? (I asked him what his favourite bad word was. He responded with) “oy”
29. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? A poet and I would really love to be a teacher
30. What profession would you not like to do? Postman (cos I won’t know which door to post them in), a circus performer (cos I’m not silly), shopkeeper

February 05, 2011


I am a computaholic ... I can waste HOURS doing nothing much online.... so today I purposely DIDN'T come on it all morning ... and am restricting myself in the evening too. There are so many other things that I should be doing.

Anyway... today instead of being on the computer I...
  • Emptied, cleaned, sorted and rearranged my saucepan/baking tin cupboard(including throwing away some baking tins)
  • Taken some of the extra glasses from the glass cupboard and put them into a slightly more inaccessible cupboard to make more room.
  • Sorted out my wardrobe - putting about 20 items into a charity shop bag.
  • Sorted out some bags of baby clothes - putting a dustbin bag full for a charity shop - clothes that I didn't totally love.
  • Sorted the linen cupboard  - putting any baby stuff into a vacuum bag to go in the loft
  • went to the charity shop - to give the 2 bags of clothes - and an old teapot
  • went to the library - to take back a book that was overdue
  • went to the tip - to dispose of 2 old broken laptops (I removed the hard drives before I took them), an old kettle, the broken blender, broken DVD player and other assorted bits that have been lying around the house for ages.
  • went to homebase to buy a new shower hose and shower head
  • came home and made lunch with Sam - he has a recipe book for his reading book at the moment, and wanted to make some kind of grated carrot salad with a rather overwhelming olive oil dressing!! - which we all ate for lunch
  • ummm.. watched a bit of Toy Story ... then had a little rest!!! - during which Caitie put about 25 hair clips in my hair :-)
  • Make a Victoria Sponge cake (yummy!)
  • .... and I think that is about it.
See how much I can accomplish when I'm NOT computering!!! My house COULD be a totally tidy, spick and span place to live... if only I didn't mess around on my computer sooooo much.